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CPE for Government Auditors


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Having problems completing your purchase?

The few visitors to our site that do experience problems usually run into one of two situations:

1) Their credit card just won’t go through, or

2) The cart seems to “hang” after clicking “Approve Students” to verify student information

Here are the most likely solutions to these issues:

For 1) Make sure you’re entering the correct *billing* address for your credit card.

The large majority of visitors in this situation (presuming that their card is valid and has available purchasing dollars) find they’re not entering the correct billing address for that credit card. We don’t actually do any shipping and so don’t need your physical address – just make sure you enter the correct *billing* address for the card you’re trying to use.

For 2) Try an alternative browser (Firefox or Chrome) or a computer with a different browser setup to make your purchase.

Most of those finding that the cart seems to hang when trying to Approve Students are either (a) attempting to complete a purchase while using a browser that has JavaScript disabled (like Internet Explorer on “high” security settings) or (b) trying to do so using an old version of Internet Explorer (IE 8 or earlier.) In either of these cases, the simplest solution is likely to use an alternate browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, for instance) to complete your purchase.




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