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CPE for Government Auditors

Audit Methodologies

All student comments from July 2016 open enrollment class for government internal auditors…

  • The course is great for beginning auditors as well as experienced ones. It covers the basic question of how to take an objective for an audit and ensure it will yield the outcome or answer the question you are asking. Then being able to ensure your procedures address that objective. It sounds basic, but its very easy to just do standard audit procedures that may or may not address your objective.
  • The discussion on audit objectives was particularly helpful. The lesson on SPPRC and audit program design was good practice and brought up good discussion points.
  • It’s important in auditing to understand the significance of having a good audit methodology, as well as understanding how the methodology fits into the process.
  • This course was good for obtaining a basic understanding of and gaining hands on experience with audit working papers and methodologies for testing.
  • I was engaged the whole 8hrs we were in class, the instructor touched on every subject I needed clarification on.
  • Leita always has great information and is a wonderful instructor. You will leave always learning something new.
  • I really enjoyed the structure of these course. I was able to use my auditing skills and learn to enhance them.
  • This course should be required for internal auditors. I definitely learned things I will be using on the job.
  • The material is useful to rookie and veteran auditors. It will help me with my work paper development.
  • The subject matter is essential to anyone in the audit/analyst field, new or experienced.
  • One of the best instructors I’ve had at XX. She was experienced and engaging, and I actually learned a lot from the class. I appreciated that she wanted us to learn. She was very prepared. She was also very good at presenting and explaining information.
  • Leita engaged the entire class in exercises, and I learned not only from her but from other peers in the class. She had good energy, and the right mix of humor and instruction to keep the day moving along.
  • She was by far the best instructor I’ve had at XX. She kept us working and on task the whole day, but it felt fun. She really knows her audience and makes everyone feel comfortable enough to ask questions.
  • Leita was very knowledgeable of the subject matter, and she was able to interact with the class, in order to make sure everyone was understanding the material.
  • Leita is a fantastic instructor. She provides information in a clear and easily understood format and provides relevant take-aways and job-aids.
  • EXCELLENT!!! Knowledgeable, interesting, funny, and clear. I really feel like her class offer useful information in a clear and usable manner
  • She was very good at keeping my attention and made learning fun and effective. I would definitely take one of her trainings again.
  • Instructor makes a potentially stifling topic so approachable we were even able to put effort into it during the course.
  • Leita is the best. She’s knows what she’s talking about and it able to relay it to the people attending her courses.
  • Leita is very knowledgeable of the subject and provided an interesting and fun way of learning and staying engaged.
  • She is great and knowledgeable. She can gracefully articulate the subject matter to where you can understand it.
  • Leita is extremely knowledgeable and easily understood. She makes her classes lively and fun.
  • The instructor was very involved with the class and kept it very dynamic.
  • The instructor’s ability to make all of the information relevant and fun.
  • Leita was very entertaining, engaging, and educational.
  • Leita is an entertaining and informative instructor.
  • Very knowledgeable and got everyone to participate.
  • Great instructor! Keeps you alert and engaged.
  • The instructor did an excellent job.
  • Great interaction with students.
  • She is awesome!

Have you ever wanted to say something in your audit report but you can’t support with evidence? Or have you ever wasted a significant amount of time on a test that you didn’t need to perform? We will design audit methodologies that get you where you want to go as quickly and as easily as possible.  The resulting working papers convince your audit leadership that you can confidently conclude against your audit objective.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Choose appropriate methodologies for a variety of objectives
  • Discern strong evidence from weak evidence
  • Develop a stand-alone working paper for a methodology

Who should attend: Auditors

Program level: Basic

Prerequisites: No prerequisites or advance preparation required

Delivery method: Group live

Recommended CPE credit: 8 hours


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