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CPE for Government Auditors

Audit Reporting



I enjoyed the content and pace of the training today and yesterday. You mentioned that it was difficult to measure how effective your training was so here’s some news: It was the second time I’d participated in your training; some of the material was duplicate but helpful and relevant to both trainings.

The first training session in March 2013, Essential Skills for the Beginning Auditor, helped guide my practice through major office changes, two being no Director/CAE and Audit Manager for 10 months. Lose of these two roles (out of six) made a hugely negative impact to refining audit objectives, building an audit program, and clearly communicating to/with management. At this time, having only 1 1/2 years of internal audit experience and hardly any at planning or report writing, your training and print materials helped me navigate the open seas!

The new boss came in all about the FIVE ELEMENTS so, naturally we were signed up for Audit Reporting.

Audit Reporting, reinforced why/how to tie the planning and testing to supporting anything worth mentioning: To best communicate with reviewers and to bring the value to the audience, flush out less useful findings and wording in the reports. The session brought an end-in-mind approach to quickly deliver the best value.

Not to mention, your sense a humor was appreciated. Even though, the stories were mostly “women stories”, they brought a pleasant interruption to the dreary subject of Internal Audit.

— Esther Villarreal, Internal Auditor Intermediate, January 2015

A 1.5-day course designed for auditors who care about the impact of their audit reports.

A logically organized report is a gift to the reader. In this course, you will learn how to create meaningful, concise reports without all the headache. We will discuss ways to streamline your writing process as well as techniques for organizing your thoughts.

This class is beneficial for both new and experienced auditors. New auditors learn how to use the elements of a finding to structure their message. Experienced auditors learn how to set clear expectations, quickly review audit reports, and coach staff to improve their writing. We will walk through each step of the report writing process and learn how to craft a clear message to fit the audience.

The class is centered on the five elements of a finding — as required by the GAO and the Single Audit Act and suggested by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Topics include:

  • Structure audit content in support of audit recommendations
  • Create convincing, implementable and auditable recommendations
  • Generate concise and logical findings in an hour or less
  • Choose the strongest content for your finding
  • Decide how much detail to share in the report
  • Quantify findings
  • Enhance the readability of your report
  • Recognize dangerous tone and language
  • Establish expectations and guidelines for creating a compelling finding
  • Decide when to pursue the root cause
  • Focusing the report conclusion on a finite, answerable objective

Program level: Intermediate

Instructional method: Group live instruction

Prerequisites: More than one year of audit experience

Who should attend: Auditors who write or review audit reports

Recommended CPE credit: 12 hours


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